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Delivery Info

That will provide the package?
It will be awarded on the basis of the importance and value of the order transporter. When the package arrives in the country's internal mail service can be transferred and accept their standard delivery procedures.

How long it takes?
Time scales vary from country to country. From the top of the list box in this section how long it takes for your item to control Your country

I can track my shipments?
It depends on which carrier is used when we send the package. We will follow by e-mail link (if available).

The receiver will duty to pay?
Our products are sold on the basis of DDU (Delivered duty) basis. Other taxes levied or applicable local laws.

Beneficiaries may have to pay import taxes or customs official entrance outside the EU. If this is the case, the delivery can be delayed. Black can not provide any help in these processes.

To ensure that does not pay fees for the provision outside the EU, make sure you submit your projects before ordering tariff barriers in the country and keep the value below the threshold of the total basket.

Supply Restrictions
Since the international carrier restrictions, certain products we sell are not in line with international delivery. This is well described in project preparation and check-out phase in detail, as these items are added to the basket.

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